Wing-Off 5 – Lansdowne Road vs. Croxley Ale House vs. 1-2-3 Burger Shot Beer / Dan’s birthday

WING-0FF 5 June 27, 2008
– Lansdowne Road vs. Croxley Ale House vs. 1-2-3 Burger Shot Beer

It was Dan’s birthday so we decided to have one of his favorite events – a Wing-Off! With undefeated champs Scruffy Duffy’s closed for re-modeling, we default to their sister location, Lansdowne Road vs. new challenger Croxley Ale House.

Lansdowne Road
599 10th Ave (Btwn 43rd and 44th St)
New York, NY 10036-3008

Wing-Off 5 Lansdowne Road 021 Wing-Off 5 Lansdowne Road 030

Croxley Ale House
28 Avenue B
New York, NY

Wing-Off 5-croxley-ale-house-002 Wing-Off 5-croxley-ale-house-003 Wing-Off 5-croxley-ale-house-009


Even with a very strong challenger, it was unanimous vote, Lansdowne Hands down! The Scruff legacy continues its dynasty.

Then out of no where, a 3rd challenger stepped to the wing errr I mean ring! The newly opened 123 BurgerShotBeer with their 123 Hot wings. The $2 orange tic-tac shots were cute but this place could not hold a candle to Lansdowne.

123 Burger Shot Beer
738 10th Avenue
New York, NY

Wing-Off 5 123 Burger Shot Beer 035 Wing-Off 5 123 Burger Shot Beer 041

Wing-Off 5 Lansdowne Road 031


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  1. Haha we did something similar at friends house but we start to make water ballons and that was super crazy the house was a mess and them we start to play paintball, and well you can imagine the rest.

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